Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tired of it

So, not too long ago, I was having a phone call with my mother. She was telling me that Audrey, my sister, shouldn't live with her "boyfriend" when she moves back to Springfield in a couple months.

NOTE: Audrey is almost 20, and she is engaged, Mom knows this full well.

I decided to tell her something that she needed to hear right off:

"Mom, Audrey is an adult and needs to make her own decisions."

"Well, she's under our spiritual authority and by state law, she's still a minor."

HOLD IT... Now, I didn't want to argue, because trying to convince my mom of anything against her opinion is like talking to a brick wall: you need a sledgehammer to get through.

Audrey and I have not lived with our parents since November 2006, and Mom was not living with us since October because she was at her parents' home, because they had both died within ten days of each other.

Both Mom and Audrey had moved to different states, Mom to Oklahoma (though they've come back), and Audrey is in Kansas right now.

Audrey has a driver's license, a car (such as it is, but she's kept it running), she's shared apartments with me and Shaun, her fiance. She's not only had, but HELD DOWN jobs which, by the way, Mom has never been able to do.

Now, I don't personally approve that Audrey and Shaun moved in together prior to marriage, but I do think that they were meant for each other, and if God has brought them together, who are we to say otherwise?

Mom then talked my ear off on all the things she claimed "God had given her about why Audrey and Shaun shouldn't be together."

I'm tired of it! I'm tired of being the middle-man in this soap opera. My opinion really shouldn't matter in this situation at all, but some people just don't get that.

And if Mom doesn't approve of her kids finding their true loves and marrying them, then she's off of my wedding's guest list too. (Whenever that happens.)

Is it any wonder that she has no real relationship with her kids?