Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. O'Donnell

Yes, so my sister Audrey and Shaun were married yesterday in a ceremony that somehow did not get major drama from our family.

Audrey and I practically grew up together. We shared the same bedroom most of our lives, we played together, when we got older, we eventually made a DVD library together and then we both moved out shortly after Audrey turned 18.

A few months into living on our own, we decided we could afford to get home internet access, and this is when Audrey met Shaun on After this, they began to Instant Message, e-mail, interact on MySpace, and make phone calls. This is not to say their relationship went smoothly. But what did happen they were able to work out and forgive each other for.

Eventually, Audrey decided to go visit Shaun in Derby, Kansas, and not too long after returning home, he asked her to move in with him. I was losing my sister, my roommate, and the person who helped pay the bills. If anyone had a right to feel mad at her leaving, it was me. But I didn't. I just decided to step back and let her go.

I was thrilled to hear that Shaun proposed to Audrey on Valentine's Day, and she of course said "Yes." They moved back to Springfield in September, 2008, and started renting their own home shortly after the New Year.

Shaun and Audrey did visit Springfield a couple times before moving back, and I was glad to meet Shaun. He got along with most of my family, except Mom, who has recently decided to accept him as Audrey's husband. (Yes!) In later time, Shaun felt like a brother to me, Genevieve, and Aaron, and Drew, Arthur, and Daniel liked him well enough.

As the wedding drew closer, stress got worse for Audrey and Shaun, particularly in the financial area. However, with some careful saving and shopping, and help from Shaun's family, Aaron and Jessica, and a bit from myself (paying for my own tux rental and helping with Dad's), they managed to get through.

They've been through a lot already and have stuck through it. Let's hope they keep it up. Shaun Christopher Patrick O'Donnell and Audrey Marie Angelique O'Donnell, may you have the happiest life together.

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Tiffany said...

That's so sweet...I'm glad I met Shaun too!!!