Friday, March 19, 2010

Why I Don't Write Here Often

I've felt a little bad that I don't write many blogs here, but upon recent consideration, I thought about why.

When I started writing personal blogs, it was while I was living alone, so I didn't have someone I could really talk about my life with. Yes, there was the phone, my friends from church, and occasional visits from family, but blogging offered a tourniquet for lack of someone to talk to.

As I got into Twitter, it became easier for me to say what I was thinking (or random stuff) as I wanted to. (That's why I set up a service to post my daily tweets here, but for some reason, it stopped working.)

But now that I live with family, I now have people I can talk with who'll listen, and who can talk with me, like normal people.

I'll try to keep this blog active, but I doubt it'll ever be what it was.

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