Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Thought

You ever heard this urban legend?

Husband and wife go out for the night and hire a babysitter to watch their kid and put it to bed. They come home and find the babysitter having sex with her boyfriend. When they ask her about it, she says it's okay because they're using Saran Wrap. Turns out the Saran Wrap isn't a great condom substitute and the babysitter gets pregnant.

I'm not for abortions, because if you're that much of an irresponsible slut, you should keep the kid to learn about being a responsible adult.

What I don't get about this urban legend is the parents' unconcerned attitude about their kid. (Guess that's a hint it's not true.) Suppose the kid got out of bed because they missed their parents, wanted a glass of water, or needed to use the bathroom, then sees babysitter Suzy putting out for a guy with Saran Wrap on his penis. Kid would be scarred for life.

How about the parents saying "Sorry, we don't pay prostitutes." "Well, apparently you think we need a new couch." Or, what Audrey and Shaun would say, "Oh, we've done it on that couch lots of times."

Still, I'd know I wouldn't pay someone when I come home and find that they've invited a stranger over and are going at it on my couch.

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