Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meeting you again

I wrote this at a forum in a thread where you could talk about anything. The post already got buried by other posts, so I decided to post it again here. This kind of follows on from this previous blog entry, except since I didn't expect the people there to have read it, I went ahead and rehashed some content.
So, if you missed it in the "What Are You Watching?" thread, I finally met up with my old pen pal from years ago.

Crazy thing being that we were pen pals despite seeing each other in person quite often, but then she started college, and stopped going to church and we had trouble keeping up the letters and I let her go.

Crazier thing is that I was so socially awkward back then I misread our friendship as my falling in love with her. Turns out, real friends actually talk to each other about their lives.

About a year ago, I added her as a friend on Facebook, and discovered she was about to get married.

Last month, I wrote a personal blog about my pen pals and sent her an excerpt to approve. After a bit of messaging, I suggested we meet up sometime.

She and her husband both do volunteer stagehand work for the Little Theater and often are allowed to get people free tickets for each show. So, she invited me to attend a performance of Rent. She got me a balcony seat and I could see her and her husband working the lights during the show.

After the show, we got to chat, I got to meet her husband, and we chatted over gelato. It wasn't a long chat, and there's some things I wish we'd talked about, but it was good to renew our friendship after so long. Until the next meeting...

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