Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two Transposed Carols

Here are two more episodes of TV shows using A Christmas Carol as plot template.

Xena: A Solstice Carol features heroine Xena and her companion Gabrielle visiting the kingdom of King Silvus, who makes people pay exorbitant taxes, and will even foreclose on orphanages. While bringing Solstice cheer around (helped by his clerk Senticles), Xena tricks Silvus into believing he's seeing images from his past, present and future to make him see the error of his ways.

Highway to Heaven: Another Song For Christmas features a modern day retelling of Dickens' story. Angel Jonathan Smith (Michael Landon) and his friend Mark Gordon (Victor French) come across Honest Eddy's Used Car lot. He sells an old couple a bad car, promising that it will be the car of their dreams, fires mechanic Dave Ratchett for refusing to roll back odometers, and he also holds the mortage on an orphanage. (Because, you know, nothing's meaner than evicting orphans.) Inspired by Mark's copy of A Christmas Carol, Jonathan decides to help Honest Eddy change his ways.

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