Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Music of Toyland, Part 4

This is the final entry in "The Music of Toyland." Here are three individual recordings of songs from Babes in Toyland: from 1904, by the Edison Quartette, we have "I Can't Do The Sum." Then, from 1922, we have Irene Williams singing "Toyland." Finally, from 1917, we have the Edison Company again with a recording of "March of the Toys."

For more Babes in Toyland music, there are two compact disc releases that contain very different tracks, but both also contain selections from Herbert's score for The Red Mill. One is from the American Classics collection, the other is from Verve and features Kenny Baker and the Decca Chorus. As the former features instrumentals and the latter features vocal selections, there's surprisingly little overlap in the Toyland tracks.

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