Thursday, October 27, 2016

Superhero Shows Recap (10/24/16-10/27/16)

Supergirl - "Welcome to Earth": As the mysterious man in a Kryptonian pod (Chris Wood) breaks out, Supergirl helps protect the president (Lynda Carter) from an alien attack. Is the runaway mystery man to blame? Is it someone else? At work, Kara has to write an article about aliens living on earth and has conflicting opinions with Snapper Carr. Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) reveals a bar for aliens to Alex and the DEO.

Gotham - "Follow the White Rabbit": Jarvis Tetch (the Mad Hatter) leads Jim Gordon a deadly chase that kills several bystanders and forces Jim to choose between the two of the women in his life. Meanwhile, gosh, are the Penguin and the Riddler about to hook up? Because that's basically what it's looking like. Or else they're playing with us again.

Lucifer - "Weaponizer": Lucifer's keeping a close eye on his friend Detective Decker as he feels sure God is trying to put her in situations that will lead to her death. The appearance of angel Uriel (Michael Imperioli) certainly doesn't seem to dissuade that concept...

The Flash - "The New Rogues": Sam Scudder (Grey Damon) finally emerges after disappearing after Season 1's pivotal particle accelerator explosion with the ability to create wormholes through mirrors and other reflective surfaces. He joins with Rosa Dillon (Ashley Rickards), and they become Mirror Master and the Top. However, it turns out part of his powers can trap Barry in a mirror. Jesse Quick learns to better hone her powers.

Agents of SHIELD - "Lockup": The Darkholm book is found, and not by SHIELD or Ghost Rider. Robbie storms a prison with Quake, Coulson and Mack. Meanwhile the new director of SHIELD clarifies his stance on Inhumans by revealing that he is one to the public.

Arrow - "Penance": Oliver goes to break Diggle out of jail, Ragman confronts Felicity. Oliver still can't get the new Team Arrow in line with his attitude.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Shogun": After Nate discovers he can turn into a strong metal man, he and Ray get thrown back in time in ancient Japan. Vixen joins the Legends. A cruel shogun steals the Atom suit and Nate has to learn how to harness his powers to get it back and defeat the shogun who plans to kill the woman who kindly assists the Legends. But wait, shouldn't this be a team effort?

Bonus. Continuing with old productions based on Marvel comics, this week is the pilot to the cancelled Power Pack TV show. Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the comic versions of Power Pack. They're a group of young kids—two brothers and two sisters—who have superpowers, and originally operated without their parents' knowledge.

This TV pilot foreshadows later Marvel productions by not giving the kids their costumes, and in this version, the parents know about their powers and encourage them to keep them secret. When one of the kids brings home an item from a "haunted house" he visits with a couple classmates, strange events happen all around town. It's up to the Power Pack to return the item and put everything right.

This apparently aired on Fox as a TV special during Saturday mornings. For what it is, it's pretty enjoyable, and it's almost too bad a series didn't ensue, though the nature of having it star children was likely something the producers were glad to not have to deal with. Perhaps there will be a Power Pack movie eventually, though with the use of children, maybe this would be best as an animated property.

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