Friday, April 14, 2017

Comic Book TV Recap (4/11/2017 - 4/13/2017)

iZombie: "Zombie Knows Best" - Clive is asked about being a recently killed (zombie) boy's emergency contact and remembers how he was the boy's neighbor. Trying to solve a double homicide, Liv and Major use the brains of the victims: a teenage girl and her father. Except Liv takes the father's brain, leaving Major to take the daughter's, and they take on their personalities.

Agents of SHIELD: "Identity and Change" - Daisy and Jemma, realizing that their device to escape the Framework doesn't work, have managed to convince Coulson that they are in a world that is not real. They find Mace, who is running SHIELD, an underground resistance to HYDRA. However, HYDRA is on their trail as they find Mack and Radcliffe, and they will realize that the people they knew are no longer who they thought.

Powerless: "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" - Emily tries to claim her own office, but Van decides to challenge her for it. Most of the office supports Emily, but it's anyone's game. After Green Fury (better known as Fire as part of Fire and Ice in the comics) rescues Teddy, he believes she's into him.

An aside, what has been up with Powerless? A couple weeks ago, an episode was expected, but an episode of another NBC show aired instead. Last week, my TV series app said an episode titled "Van of the Year" would air. Day of airing, it had revised to this episode, but "Emergency Punch-Up" aired instead. This episode was on Hulu the following day and sites such as Wikipedia claimed it had aired. I'm getting a bad feeling about chances of a Season 2. And now for the episode that aired this week...

 Powerless: "Green Furious" - Emily befriends Green Fury, who gives her a device to call for her help. Emily uses it to get the superheroine's help for a marketing campaign. Teddy tries to make the moves on Green Fury again. Jackie objects to her daughter becoming friends with Wendy.

Riverdale: "The Lost Weekend" - Archie and Betty plan a party for Jughead's birthday. Betty tells Veronica about how Clifford Blossom seems to have gotten Hiram Lodge in jail, information she attempts to use for legal assistance. Chuck's return to school reawakens negativity in Betty and frustrated with her other cheerleaders, Cheryl takes advantage of this as they crash Jughead's birthday.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract - The latest DC animated film adapts a landmark Teen Titans story, updating it from the original story to a more modern version of the DC universe.

As the Titans handle moving on with their lives—such as Nightwing and Starfire moving in together and bringing in a new member—they are unaware that Brother Blood and his cult have sent Deathstroke to capture them to absorb their powers.

Personally, my enjoyment of the movie was hampered by the fact that I'd had little sleep the previous night and wasn't feeling up to watching a movie, and had said as much, but it was played anyway. Still, there's a reason why Warner Brothers keeps making these movies: they keep selling. And they sell because they show respect to the characters and to good storytelling, which is continued here. The animation is good, never spectacular, but that's really all that's required of it. The voice cast does well, too.

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