Saturday, October 18, 2008


The following story is loosely based on a true story. The men it actually happened to chose not to disclose their names, so technically, the names haven't been changed.

Jacob and Robert Steele were riding their horses down an old Arkansas road. They breathed in the fresh, Spring air.

"Sure is nice," sighed Robert.

"Yeah," replied Jacob. "Soon enough, there'll be cars all over..."

And with that, they heard a motor coming up the road toward them. It was a farmer riding a tractor. As he turned the bend, he looked behind him in fear. The tractor was coming straight at Jacob and Robert! Quickly they rode their horses off the road, but there was no need. The farmer noticed them and shut off his tractor.

"Stop!" he shouted. "Don't go any further!"

"Why not?" asked Jacob.

"That's Peter Bottom down there!"

"Yeah, the little valley meadow under Nob Hill, what's the problem with that?"

"Something horrible's down there!"

The two brothers looked at each other.

"Come on old man, this is 1966, no one believes in monsters anymore," said Robet.

"It's true! Didn't you hear about that newspaper article a few years back?"

"I think I heard. Some crazy old killer doctor who hid out there said there was a monster that lived in the cave."

"Right before he died," added Jacob.

"It's true! I saw it while I was in my fields!"

"Well, thanks for the warning, sir."

The farmer shook his head and drove off.

Robert and Jacob rode down into Peter Bottom. All at once, their horses stopped and the two brothers could not pull them along any further. They dismounted and tied the reins to a nearby tree.

As they came into the glen, they noticed a white patch in the grass some distance away. It looked like fur.

"Must be a dead cow or something," murmured Jacob.

When they were about ten yards away from the white patch, it began to stir. It suddenly stood up.

Jacob said later that they might have exaggerated some details because they had been scared, but they did describe what they saw:

"It stood like a man, but it was eight, no, nine feet high. It's pink face looked human, but it had those red eyes! It smelled strongly like old coffee grounds. It was covered in thick, white hair, and it made a noise like a radio sending signals."

The thing, whatever it was, began walking towards the brothers, but they turned and ran back to their horses and quickly rode out of Peter Bottom.

By the time they got home, Robert was almost in a state of shock, and had to be hospitalized for a couple weeks.

When people heard what the two brothers had seen, they decided they might be able to find the monster if they stuck together. Many hunting parties explored Peter Bottom and went into the cave. No one ever saw the monster under Nob Hill again.

People began to wonder if the monster was related to the Mo Mo, the Missouri Monster. The boys' description matched what people had claimed to see, except that it was white fur, and this was Arkansas. The Mo Mo reports usually described black or dark brown fur. Others thought it might even be an albino Bigfoot.

Not too long after the sighting, farmers reported that they had found their cattle torn apart in a strange fashion. Almost all claimed their hen houses had been broken into, many chickens being stolen, and some squashed to bits.

Even more shocking, the body of a farmer was found near his barn, his body torn apart, and some limbs missing.

Whatever might be in Peter Bottom, people are quite all right with leaving it alone.

No one goes under Nob Hill anymore.

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