Monday, October 27, 2008


I had an odd dream last night where I lived in what seemed like a bigger version of my apartment. For some reason, I took in a few roommates. One was a lady, the others seemed to be my younger brothers and my youngest sister, but they didn't really feel like family.

Apparently, the lady and I had an agreement where she could stay if she kept the place clean. She complains to me in one vivid part of the dream:

"My last job was washing dishes for someone, do I have to do that?"

My reply was, "No, but you can start looking for another place to live."

Heheh... I can be so mean! And not just in my dreams...

So, I won a bid on a camera on eBay. It was a different color of the same model my sister Audrey and I bought a few years ago, in 2005, I believe.

I bought a new one because Audrey moved out and I let her have the camera. But eventually, I wanted my own again, so I decided to see if I could get the same type. Now I do, and it's red, not the first one's black, so the two will never get mixed up.

This model, the Samsung Digimax A503, can take photos with vary quality, has a zoom, lets you tint your photos and invert the colors, make them black and white or sepia tone; you can film video with color tints or inverted color or in black and white or sepia tone, and you can choose between two sizes of video, YouTube's 320X240, or DVD quality 640X480; and you can also record WAV clips.

Yeah... It might look like a regular digital camera, but it does so much, so of course I wanted a new one... (Still, for serious filming, you better get a good actual camcorder. That might be out of my price range for awhile... If the lighting's good, this will be fine.)

AND... because I have a camera, I can finally show you this:

This is my new cat, Jack. Audrey and Shaun rescued him from an inevitable cat fight. Right now, he's a little nuts, but I'm working on getting him disciplined. I do still miss Scot, but he'll never be fully replaced. You just got to get on with life and stop dwelling on the past.

I'll just make sure he doesn't run under the couch!

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Tiffany said...

That was mean what you said to the lady!!! U R SUCH A JERK!!! J/K lol