Thursday, November 17, 2016

Superhero Shows Recap (11/14/2016 - 11/17/2016)

Supergirl - "Changing": Mon-El begins training with Kara. Alex comes out to Kara. The DEO investigates a parasitic alien found in the Arctic. James and Winn unleash a new hero on National City.

Gotham - "The Executioner": Ivy reveals her new, older form to Selina as she needs help returning goods she stole. Jim investigates the now very violent Barnes. (Written with help from my brother Drew.)

Lucifer - "Trip to Stabby Town": Lucifer discovers an angel's blade has been unearthed by a human and is being used to commit murders. He has to enlist his mother's help in finding it.

The Flash - "Shade": Wally has dreams of his Flashpoint identity as Kid Flash, hinting that he's being targeted by Dr. Alchemy. Caitlin reveals her Frost powers to her team mates. "HR" proposes a museum to help conceal STAR Labs' association with The Flash.

Arrow - "Vigilante": A vigilante not connected with Team Arrow has been killing criminals in Star City. Quentin Lance quits his role of deputy mayor. Now Team Arrow has someone else to track down.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Outlaw Country": The Legends pop back to the Old West where they meet Jonah Hex once again to fight an outlaw who has the use of futuristic technology.
This week's bonus is a short made about 1992-1994. Produced by a special effects company, The Silver Surfer was made as proof of concept that the character could be put onscreen with CGI. Surprisingly, it's one of the first Marvel-based productions with a post-credits scene. It can be viewed on YouTube.

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