Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Superhero Shows Recap (11/21/2016-11/22/2016)

(Agents of SHIELD will be finishing its three week hiatus this week, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are taking the week off due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. All of them will be back next week.)

Gotham - "Time Bomb": Eddie decides Butch is responsible for Isabelle's death and sets out to take his revenge. Thanks to Ivy, Bruce, Selina and Alfred discover more about the Court of Owls. Jim decides to make his peace with Tabitha.

Supergirl - "The Darkest Place": Kara enters Cadmus to rescue Mon-El and faces a surprising villain in an enhanced individual. J'onn feels the effects of having White Martian blood in him. National City's new hero the Guardian is caught on video killing someone. Some very good twists and turns this week.

Lucifer - "Homewrecker": Lucifer gets his bar taken away from him. Chloe's investigations put her on the bad side of Lucifer's mom.

The Flash - "Killer Frost": After helping Barry fight Savitar, Kaitlin begins turning into Killer Frost, taking on a sinister personality. Joe wants to get Wally out of a cocoon Dr. Alchemy put him in. Cisco learns more about Flashpoint.

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