Thursday, December 8, 2016

Superhero Shows Recap (12/6/2016 - 12/8/2016)

Supergirl, Gotham and Lucifer had their midseason finales last week. The remaining shows are having theirs this week.

The Flash - "The Present": Barry discovers where Savitar and Dr. Alchemy came from and enlists Jay Garrick of World 3 for help. Cisco sees visions of his dead brother Dante. Joe is concerned about Wally leaping into a superhero role. Barry has to confront Julian again.

Agents of SHIELD - "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics": Eli Morrow sets out to build a device that will ultimately destroy Los Angeles, but Robbie is hot on his trail. Aida's status as an LMD is revealed to the new director. Daisy is publicly revealed to be back in SHIELD. This episode sees Robbie leave the show for now for potential future storylines or a Ghost Rider spinoff. Stay tuned!

Arrow - "What We Leave Behind": Curtis' husband gets a major red flag about his husband's late night activities. Prometheus reveals himself to Oliver and leads him on a chase with a clear goal: to make Oliver wish he was dead.

Legends of Tomorrow - "The Chicago Way": The Legion of Doom (Reverse Flash, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn) make a deal with Al Capone in 1927 Chicago, creating a time aberration, leading the Legends to arrive to attempt to fix it. Although this does lead to an incapacitated Elliott Ness. Mick begins to see visions of Leonard Snart who encourages him to go back to villainy. The Legends have to face the Legion both on and off the Waverider.

So that wraps up our recaps until the shows start coming back in January. I'll try to write some more fun stuff until then. Peace!

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