Thursday, December 1, 2016

Superhero Shows Recap (11/28/2016-12/1/2016)

Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow had a four-show crossover this week.

Supergirl - "Medusa": Cadmus produces a virus that can kill aliens. Alex comes out to her mother.

Gotham - "Beware the Green Eyed Monster": Jim realizes that Leslie's fiance has been infected with Alice Tetch's blood, only problem is, it's their wedding day. Eddie realizes that Oswald loves him and that he killed his girlfriend. Bruce, Alfred and Selina infiltrate the Court of Owls.

Lucifer - "Quid Pro Ho": Lucifer's mother has her sights turned on Chloe. Lucifer assists Chloe's mother with a murder trial.

The Flash - "Invasion": A spaceship crash lands on Earth, unleashing aliens called the Dominators. Barry rounds up the other heroes he knows: Green Arrow, Spartan, Speedy, the Legends, and Supergirl. Wally tries to get in on the team with his newly-granted super speed. Barry comes clean to everyone about Flashpoint, and a message from his future self puts a strain on the team. Not helping: the Dominators have a mind control device.

Agents of SHIELD - "Deals With Our Devils": As Robbie's uncle Eli Morrow manifests his new powers, Robbie, Coulson and Fitz find themselves stuck between dimensions, invisible and undetectable to everyone. Mack becomes the new Ghost Rider. Agent May launches an attempt to use the Darkhold to bring back Fitz and Coulson.

Arrow - "Invasion": The Dominators put Oliver and several of his close friends in pods that make them dream of a happy life where many of their loved ones are still alive and someone else is the Green Arrow. Cisco, Barry and Supergirl team up with Team Arrow to rescue Oliver and the others.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Invasion": Some of the Legends go back in time with Cisco and Felicity to investigate what happened to the Dominators last time they attacked Earth. Stein decides he needs to correct his timeline, even though that will erase a daughter he now has. The Dominators reveal that metahumans—especially Barry—are a threat. As the crossover comes to a conclusion, the collected heroes need all their abilities to end the threat of the Dominators once and for all.

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