Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries and socks. (Okay, I know Wal-Mart is evil, and want to shut down the awesome small businesses, but heck, it's the only place to get socks, milk, bread, cheese, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, and beef pot pies in one stop that's also close to where I work.) While looking for socks, black color required by my job, the only type I could find are called "No Show" socks... Seriously, I have big feet, and I grabbed a package and later bought it.

Early this morning, I put them on and find out they hardly make it over my heel. When I go to work, some of my coworkers ask "Where are your socks? Why aren't you wearing socks? Isn't that a critical violation? So, TWICE, I have to remove my right shoe and show them that I am wearing socks, you just can't see it!

Tonight at cell group, we were missing most of the group. Everyone was doing something else, out of town, or couldn't make it. It was just the group leader (and his wife and son were out of town), myself, and two other people.

They decide to do something fun since it's just us, and we decide to take a spin on some scooters. The issue? It was my first time. Fortunately, the group leader sells scooters and happened to have a few in his garage. He showed me how to use the kickstands and start it...

I really... really... REALLY... am not good at having my hands doing so many things at once, and once, the scooter even fell over. (No damage to me or the scooter, I stood up and gently set it down before getting it back on.)

But early on, I was trying to walk it, when I hit the gas, burst of speed, and my left knee joint now hurts pretty badly, so I'm walking with a slight limp now... But I think I got the idea of how to ride a scooter.

Oh, geez... I limp, I get tired quickly, I listen to gentle music, I hardly watch TV, and can complain about technology.

I'm only 22! I'm too young to turn into a crotchety old man!

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