Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baths, Cats, and Knees

I was running water for a bath this morning, and the tub has a quarter inch of water in it, when my cat Scot jumps into it! It takes him about 15 seconds to realize that he's just gotten his feet VERY wet before he jumps out, runs to the door of the bathroom, and begins licking the water off.

The problem with taking a bath over a shower before I go to work in the morning is that they're pretty relaxing... I find myself wanting to go back to sleep in the tub! (Maybe I should take a bath at 3AM.)

And if anyone wants to know how my knee is doing: pretty well. Yesterday, it was able to support my weight pretty well, and I've missed no time at work. Today, I think I might be able to take a little run on it.

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