Monday, January 26, 2009

I Almost Missed The Bus

Today is the first day I can remember where my underwear was one of the last things I put on.

I have to leave to catch the bus to work at 7 AM, but at 7 AM, I was just putting on my deodorant. I'd showered, shaved, and then heard the alarm telling me to leave, and there I was, standing in front of my bathroom mirror, completely unclothed.

I ran, pulled on some pants, a shirt, some socks, my shoes, and a jacket (sadly, not my heavy one, but I was in a rush!). I then realized I hadn't put on any underwear. I threw a pair in the bag I carry to work (books, umbrella, gloves, in warmer weather a light jacket in case it rains), then hurried out the door, locking it as I left.

I'm lucky the bus driver knows me and saw me hurrying across the lot of the gas station across the street. He stopped the bus and waited for me to cross and pay my fare.

When I got to work, I hurried into the bathroom and got the underwear on.

Memo to self: ALWAYS make sure you're heading out in time!

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