Sunday, January 18, 2009

Story Ideas I've Been Toying With

Yeah, here's some stories I've been toying around with:

The first one involves a young man who has lost his memory. He is taken to live in the country with his grandparents, who try to help him remember his life. They don't baby him or treat him as if he's handicapped, so he gets plenty of hints that start unlocking his memories. A big twist is hinted at by nightmares he has, which lead to the reveal that he had actually lost his memory twice, the first time not recovering, and becoming more of an unsavory person.

The second story is a bit of a sci-fi parable about a woman who finds a CD-ROM marked simply "Design Program." She takes it home, puts it in her computer, and discovers that it is the design program for the entire universe. She decides to use it to fix the annoying characteristics in her husband. After she finalizes the changes, the world around her alters, and she is living in a wooden cabin. The idea is that her husband's characteristics were genetic, and they were passed on from great men who brought on the Industrial Revolution and other advances. By removing these characteristics from him, she removes them from everyone he got them from. My only problem is how to end it. Do we leave the world like this, or is there some way she could restore the characteristics, or does the world come to an end, or does God come in and say, "THIS is why I didn't want you people messing around with these things," and then proceeds to correct the world?

Now to take the time and work these out fully...

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