Monday, March 9, 2009


So, yesterday, Audrey and Aaron moved the last of Audrey and Shaun's stuff out of my apartment, where I had been storing it for them for six months.

Later, they called me up and invited me to dinner at Aaron & Jessica's. While I was there, I watched The Simpsons. Somehow, the house gets foreclosed on, and it gets put up for auction, and is bought by Flanders, who rents it back to the Simpsons. However, when they call him at night about a gas leak, and he had been fixing problems around their house all day (involving a hilarious shot where he says he'll get his tools, and opens a cabinet in the Simpson's house, full of tool chests labeled "Property of Ned Flanders"), he gets a lot of flack and evicts them. Eventually, Flanders' generous and loving nature gets the better of them and he brings them back in.

Now, the weird thing is, the same thing happened to my family. My mom wanted to get new windows, and to pay for them, they put a mortgage on the house. Now, all payments were going well, until Mom took it into her head to movie to Branson to open a theater or homeless shelter. She nagged my dad into getting a job there, and eventually, he caved and did. And then we had some really bad times... In the end, we didn't pay off the mortgage, and the house was foreclosed on.

Luckily for us, the house was bought by a friend of ours, who owns a sunroom business now. He rented it to us until Mom's parents died, and Audrey and I were moving out then anyways, and Drew was forced to find his own place, and Mom, Dad and the younger kids moved elsewhere. (It's a long story.)


Later, I went over to Wal-Mart, where I picked up some cleaning supplies, milk, and some DVDs. One was the new edition of Back to the Future, which also contained a special second disc containing the footage from Back to the Future: The Ride, and other special features that fans have wanted to see. (Though it is noted that Looking Back To The Future is only part of a longer documentary about all three movies. Grrr...)

Really, if you own the old DVD set from 2003, that second disc that only comes with the first movie is the only new thing about the new release. Sure, the movies come separately in nice-looking individual cases with the original poster art on them, but even the menus are the same as the old release. Yes, down to everything EXCEPT the look of the actual disc, it's the exact same DVD.

(To the reader who I told I'd be posting photos, I'm a little reticent.)

So, yeah... Ah, well... At least now I have new copies of all of the movies... (Thanks to their flawed disc exchange program for the first set, I was able to trade in used copies of the first set that I'd bought for only $3 + some trades, for new, corrected copies of II and III.)


Nathan said...

I remember when BTTF2 was just about the come out, and they showed a documentary on it hosted by Leslie Nielsen. I assume this isn't the same one that's on the disc?

Jared said...

That's one of the special features on the new disc: "Back to the Future Night."