Thursday, March 12, 2009


I feel like I need to blog about the past few days.

So, Audrey and Shaun moved all of their stuff out. Tuesday night, I moved the computer and the desk it was on into the old bedroom.

I'd say my living room is very clean now, since I gave the floor a thorough sweeping and a vacuuming.

But the next morning, I got up and found my computer stuck on the "Windows is shutting down" screen, where it had apparently been for some time. I did a manual shut off, but when I tried to reboot, all I got was the legendary Blue Screen Of Death. Using Windows Safe Mode (With Networking), I managed to move most of the files I couldn't replace from the C:\ drive (I have a secondary drive that was easily saved by disconnecting) and then using a system restore disc to restore my computer to factory settings. Doing that and restoring the programs I was using just drained me...

Right now, I'm tired and just want some rest, but know that will just make another day of work come all the sooner... *YAWN.*

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