Sunday, June 21, 2009

My birthday

My birthday was last Wednesday. People who know me in person can't believe I'm 23, as these facial blemishes make me look younger, and people who know me online thought I was older.

Well, as my computer had just recovered from a virus, I spent a pitiful amount of time re-installing programs I'd lost that I needed. (The nice thing about starting fresh was that I had a better idea of what programs I actually use.)

Later, I went over to Wal-Mart on the bus, because I'd seen some DVDs on a discount rack the last time I'd been there that I decided I'd like to pick up. They were gone. I looked around for a bit, and found nothing to tempt my wallet (nothing that I could afford, and most of what I couldn't, I knew I didn't need), so I bought some groceries. (Including some cupcakes and ice cream cones for ice cream I'd already had at home.)

I got home, put my groceries away, found nothing in the mail, and went back to the computer.

Later, Shaun called and offered to pick me up a little early. While I was waiting for him to arrive, I got a call from Tim Armstrong, who needed technical assistance with downloading a video. I offered to do it for him, but unfortunately, could not get it done. Tim said it was okay, and I left with Shaun, who had arrived.

We went over to his and Audrey's place first, where it was fun with cats and a laser pointer. Then, we went to pick Audrey up from work, then over to Aaron and Jessica's, then to Lambert's Cafe in Ozark.

It took us an hour to get seated. I'd tried to eat little, if anything, the whole day because it's very easy to get full at Lambert's. Well, let it suffice to say that even with that, no one at our table had seconds, though some had leftovers. (I didn't finish my "fried apples," but I didn't take them with me.)

We went back to A&J's, where we let our stomachs settle before getting into the ice cream I'd bought. Only Audrey, Aaron and I had any of the cupcakes, and I took all of those leftovers back home.

I had my camcorder on me the whole day, and filmed some video. Audrey and Jessica asked that they be edited out, but I couldn't get every bit of Audrey out. I filmed about nine minutes of footage, and edited that down to the video you see below:

When I got home, I found four big, soft wrapped packages outside my door. Without opening them (which I did the next morning), I instantly (and correctly) guessed it was a bedding set from my mother. When I got in, I found messages on my answering machine from my little brother. For some reason, they couldn't seem to get the idea that I may have had plans and had expected that I'd be home that night. On the second message, he asked, "Can we stay the night?" I thought, "If it was that pressing, couldn't they have thought that I might be with Audrey and call her?"

I tried calling to my brother Drew's place, but I got no answer (as usual). Later, when my parents did manage to get me on the phone, they said they weren't going to ask what I was doing.

What, did they think I was at a bar getting drunk off my head? Don't they know me at all?


This past year, I think the lesson I can definitely say I've learned is to focus better. (Sadly, this doesn't mean I'll get videos and blogs and podcasts out quite as soon as I'd like...)

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