Monday, April 30, 2012

Mom and I Talk At Last

To wrap up my first month of being out of the closet, I met my parents for dinner. I wanted to meet with them and I wanted to talk to them about what I'd discovered about myself, but we were in a tiny restaurant and right next to us was a table full of children. Finally, we got home and I decided to stay outside and talk to mom for a bit.

Because we weren't sure how she'd react, I decided I would have my little mp3 player clipped to the sleeve of my shirt and recording the whole time. We talked, about what this meant for our relationship, and what it meant about my further relationship with our church, and there were a lot of hugs.

So, take a listen. Note that I only lopped off the other 1 hour and 20 minutes where we didn't say anything about it, so this is pretty unedited.


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