Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day

In my time online, I've been rather hard on my mother. Perhaps all kids think their parents are unfair.

Subjectively, my mother has remained married for over 30 years to my father, and given birth to seven children, all but two of which are now 18 or over. You have to admit, for a woman in this day and age, that is an achievement.

My mother eventually found additional solace and comfort in her faith. Perhaps she was a little overbearing with this. And a criticism non-family members had was that she ignored her children to study her Bible. They may have been right, but let's not look at what my mother did then. Like any leader of anything, she made mistakes, but I feel she had the best intentions at heart. While we suffered (I feel my personal growth was horribly stunted), most of us have turned out all right in the end. We've had time to heal.

My oldest brother had a daughter with his first wife and now raises her with his second wife, along with my baby brother who they offered to care for when it was felt he should be in a more stable home.

My younger sister is married to a man who loves her devotedly and they've helped my other little sister get her first job and ensure her education is finished.

The only child still in my mother's care is my little brother who is going to school, was elected his class vice principal last year, and this year doesn't even have a contender. He's also impressing me with his film-making.

As for my older brother Drew, my roommate, he is living contentedly and almost independently. (If I wasn't here supplying him with home internet and cable, I don't know what he'd do.)

As for me, a few blogs back, I shared with you her response to me realizing I'm gay. Her response to love and not judge still impresses me, and she is even attempting to understand this, which is cool. I'm not sure she's entirely comfortable with having a gay son, but as I told a friend, "she's just as new to this as I am."

So, as much as our childhoods may have suffered, we've healed, we've forgiven and moved on, and I know she taught us to live like that. Thanks, Mom.

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