Monday, September 1, 2008

This is why I should be writing movies...

Saturday, I was talking to a friend about the Fantastic 4 movies, and wound up coming up with a great idea for the unlikely-to-happen third movie. (Fox, you seriously screwed it up!)

Sue is pregnant. Reed discovers that her mutation because of the cosmic storm back in the first movie will cause complications in childbirth, so he arranges to help deliver the baby.

Johnny: single as ever.

Ben and Alicia: still doing great. They're at a diner, which gets robbed by a strange woman with long, prehensile hair. Ben calls Johnny and they follow the woman, who it seems is a homeless mutant. She identifies herself as Medusa and asks for protection from Gorgon.

Gorgon soon reveals himself and attacks the Fantastic Four and kidnaps Medusa. Ben and Johnny follow, while Reed gets equipment ready for following Gorgon. Alicia stays with Sue.

As the three follow Gorgon, Johnny spies a mysterious young woman who hides from him, until he "flames on." She says Johnny is "one of us," and leads him to a secret room, where he finds Gorgon and Medusa. Gorgon recognizes him, but Medusa explains that she did not need to fear Gorgon, because Gorgon is trying to bring Medusa back to Black Bolt, the true leader of the Inhumans.

The Inhumans are a mutated race of humans, who have special abilities and powers. Maximus the Mad has usurped the throne, and is trying to imprison all the Inhumans so as to kill the human race and give the Inhumans a new home in Earth.

Reed, Johnny, and Ben join the Inhumans to the Great Refuge of Atillan. After fighting Maximus' army and freeing Crystal's dog Lockjaw, they destroy Maximus' Atmo-Gun. Maximus uses his other secret weapon to create a negative barrier around Atillan that seals in the Inhumans AND the three members of the Fantastic Four!

Reed's chest communicator goes off. It's Alicia. Sue is going into labor.

They demand that Maximus tell them how to destroy the barrier. He tells them that Black Bolt knows how. Medusa asks Black Bolt, who communicates silently with Medusa. She translates that Black Bolt can destroy the barrier, but in doing so will destroy Atillan. The Inhumans agree, realizing that the Inhumans and mankind were meant to live together.

The Inhumans and Reed, Ben, and Johnny take cover as Black Bolt speaks, causing sonic waves that destroy the barrier and Atillan.

Crystal has Lockjaw take them to the hospital where Sue is having the baby. They are told it's over.

Reed thinks Sue is dead, but it's not so. Someone came in who knew how to take care of the complications due to the mutation: Victor Von Doom. All Doom asks in return that the baby be named Franklin Richards. (Reed adds "Benjamin" as a middle name, smiling at Ben.)

Doom leaves quietly.

Johnny and Crystal talk. They have fallen in love, but Crystal tells Johnny that she and the Inhumans need to find a new home.

And there we go. A plot for a movie that will probably not get made, all based on comics...

Augh... I have too much time to think these out...

Next week: Spider-Man 4, 5, and 6! (Just kidding...)

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Tiffany said...

I like that idea...I think it would make a great movie!!! Too bad it would never happen!