Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Up And Across

Monday, I got a pay raise. I'm now making ALMOST as much I did when I'd been fired last year. Five cents less than it was.

Work's been slow the past couple days, which is good, seeing as we have some new hires to train.

Today, I took a survey about YouTube and my time spent on the internet. I found very little was about YouTube, and quite a bit about me, and, oddly, it asked me questions about a topic that I had indicated that I wasn't really interested in. (Automobiles. I don't own one, and considering my pay, it'll be awhile before I'll get one.)

Y'know... being a single 22-year old in Springfield, Missouri, living alone can feel pretty weird. Yet, except age, I know there's other people in similar situations... Some in even weirder ones...

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