Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh... boy...

So, recently, there's been a lot of talk over celebrities making possibly career-ending mistakes. The one that's been the biggest for about a year now is Heath Ledger's death that really did end his career. It spurred publicity for his last movie The Dark Knight, but now that he's nominated for an Oscar (which I bet he will win), he's up for talk again.

Also, speaking of The Dark Knight, Christian Bale had a bit of a career hit when someone leaked an audio of him chewing out the DOP of the new Terminator movie when apparently, he was messing up the scene. I actually think that if the Director of Photography is messing up the scene, a profanity-ridden chewing out from the star is pretty tame... Messing up a scene means a re-shoot, and every second of film costs money and time.

Then we have Joaquin Phoenix doing a rap... Very badly... So what? Can't celebrities have fun, too?

Olympian Michael Phelps had a picture of him with a bong leaked, and now Kellogg's doesn't want him on their cereal boxes.

Then we have Miley Cyrus imitating Asian people... whatever! Forget her!

And then there's that whole Chris Brown hitting Rihanna debacle... Whatever! Chris Brown, you suck for striking a woman, and whatever career you had is now gone. Have a happy rest of your life...

But... really, this just proves how obsessed we are with celebrities. They slip up once and we say, "Oh, they suck!" Uh... Don't you have all of their CDs and DVDs? "Uh... Yeah..." Really!

Look, I have friends who screw up. What do I do when they do it? Do I say, "Well, you're a waste of time,"? No. If the offense isn't too great (trying to call me a liar in public is too great, for example), I'll forgive and go on with my life.

Now, these celebrities: I don't know any of them, and I don't really care to. I'm not even a fan of their works (though I did enjoy the new Batman movies and Walk the Line). If they do anything wrong, it's nothing to do with me, and who am I to hold it against them? After all, I screw up myself. (Ask my family, friends, and the people at the International Wizard of Oz Club Message Board.)

Bottom line: screw-ups happen, forgive, forget, move on with your life.

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