Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Good Day Yesterday

Yesterday, I had work at 10 AM. However, I also had a package to mail off to a friend in Australia, so I resolved I would catch an earlier bus to head over to the Post Office, since international packages require a customs form.

My biggest misgiving was that shipping to another country is a little pricey, and I hadn't yet paid my electric bill for the month. Just five minutes before 8 AM, when I was going to catch the bus, I called City Utilities automated system to see if I'd been billed yet, whilst I also pulled on my shoes. I had been billed at last, the amount being just under $50. Fortunately, the most secure way of paying them without a cash, check, or money order presented or mailed to them, is using your credit or debit card over the phone, so, I paid the bill off and headed out the door and locked it behind me, just at the stroke of 8.

Then I unlocked the door because I'd forgotten to grab the package...

I managed to catch the 8 AM bus. My plan was a little risky, catching the Line 14 from the Line 8. Fortunately, I mentioned my plan to the driver who reminded me that a quicker route downtown would be to catch the Line 1. I caught the Line 1, and rode it down to the News-Leader offices, which was right next to the Post Office. (Both of which each take up a whole city block.)

I got into the Post Office at 8:30 AM and was given a customs form to fill out, then I paid for postage, which was about $17.

Now my main concern was getting to work on time. I walked back to the News-Leader, and surmised that the next Line 1 going my way (Line 1 also runs straight by my work, I never take it there as it doesn't go by my apartment) would be on the other side of the street. However, after crossing the street and checking the bus map, I discovered that it was not going that direction, so I set off walking to the Bus Terminal.

Luckily, the Bus Terminal is just outside the City Square, which is right down the street from the News-Leader... By about four blocks.

As I took the walk, I reflected that it was actually a nice walk to take, and wished that I wasn't in a rush to get to work and that I'd also had my camera with me. I shall have to do that sometime.

As it was, when I reached the Bus Terminal, about 8:45, there was a Line 1 waiting there, with no driver in it yet.

While I stood waiting, I noticed on the side of the bus a banner reading "FREE WI-FI ON THIS BUS, COMMUTE AND COMPUTE."

I immediately thought, They have got to be kidding! If I owned a laptop, I wouldn't take it on the bus. If for some reason I did, I'd keep it stored away and NOT use it so no one with less-than-honest tendencies would be tempted, as laptops usually run for more than desktop computers. Wi-Fi on a bus? USELESS!

Anyways, I got over to work about 9:10 AM, still very early, so I ran over to a gas station to check my bank balance at an ATM, as in addition, I had also gone grocery shopping the night before. Had a nice bit still left. I got to work about 9:15, so I had 45 minutes to spare to read my book and say hi to my coworkers, who I get along very well with.

After work, I went back home and relaxed for an hour and a half, before heading out again to cell group, where we just kicked back with tea, hot cocoa, cookies, and Kung Fu Panda.

Might not look like much, but heck, it was a great day!

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