Friday, November 7, 2008

Heh... Morbid.

Ever since that time I sprained my knee (still hurts, by the way; Shaun told me knee injuries rarely heal), this weird, morbid scenario has been forming in my mind. Today, as I was leaving work, it came into fruition.

I'm riding a motor scooter, suddenly, my leg slips, my toes get caught in a small pock in the road, and... my leg tears off at the knee.
At this point, I think, Oh, crap... Because riding any two-wheeled vehicle requires balancing your weight, and with one leg, balance is hard or impossible to sustain.
So... I fall over. The scooter falls with me, crippling my other leg.
Of course, this is after it drags me a few feet...
I see a couple of ladies watching. One faints, the other just screams "Oh my gawd!"
My life's blood of course has been draining out since the leg-tearing, so I'm beginning to feel woozy and light-headed.
A few kids from the neighborhood run up and shout "Awesome!" "Do that again!"
With my last minute of consciousness, I pull out my cell phone, unlock it, manage to dial "9-1-1," hit the call button, but pass out before I can talk to anyone.
The call operator has been having a bad day and thinks it's a joke, so before anyone else gets the idea to call 911, the police arrive to see who pulled the prank. They of course call for paramedics, but I of course have bled to death on the way to ER.
I live on in a video on YouTube that some neighborhood kid filmed with his cell phone, but it gets flagged and removed due to violent content.

So, there we go. One way to meet a bloody, bloody death!

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