Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Problem With Buying Used DVDs...

As a cheapskate as well as movie and book (and sometimes music) collector, I often buy used copies of DVDs from online services and specialty shops.

All but one of my DVDs in my collection is encoded in Region 1 (or it's Region-Free, but this is mainly in DVDs I've made myself). That one is the recent 3-disc edition of Peter Weir's brilliant Picnic at Hanging Rock. I had to order that one from the UK since that's the only country that got that terrific release. (Which I find odd, since it was an Australian movie.)

This is why I had to unlock my DVD player for all regions and void the warranty...

But, three excellent movies I have were Region 1, but were still from another country: Canada. Now, Canada uses Region encoding, so there's no issue with them. In fact, most DVDs you will find have a French alternate audio track so if a US-released DVD just happens to wander over up north into Canada, it can still be re-distributed to both French and English speaking customers.

SO... which DVDs do I have from Canada?

Return to Oz
The 1985 Disney movie, now a cult classic. I got this one through Amazon's used DVD services. Not bad, though the the notice for an added French track on the front cover is annoying.

Back to the Future Trilogy
Well, I guess that really counts as three movies, but it was one DVD release... But I bought this one at a local shop. I also traded in several unwanted DVDs for it, the end price being only $3. All of the package blurb, including the title, is also printed in French. A little too much for my eyes, but, oh well. (They're doing a new release next year.)

Finally, Trainspotting
Also ordered from a used Amazon affiliate. The French title on the spine and in parenthesis on the front and discs are negligible, still, it's a little odd seeing the summary repeated on the back.

... Did I just do a whole blog about Canadian DVDs? Heck!

Hahaha... It's my first animation with Flash! HILARIOUSLY BAD! And hosted on my new YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

Are they seriously doing another Back To The Future release?
I fucking love those movies!

Watched Teen Wolf today!
Another classic!

Keep me posted with that one Jared!


Jared said...

Check! (I'll get back to you, Al!)