Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 08!

If you're expecting me to tell about my wonderful, WONDERFUL holiday experience... You're in for a wait.

First off, my family decided we would celebrate Thanksgiving this Saturday, so I have devoured no turkey today at all. (I could have sworn I smelled it when I got home from work, though. Maybe it was someone down the hall.)

In fact, today I had to work, and get this... we don't get holiday pay. Yep, although I wasn't one, some of my other coworkers' families had to wait on their Thanksgiving plans for them to get off of work, and received no compensation. That's a conglomerate for you...

Also, since I take the bus to work, and on holidays, the bus runs on the night schedule, which doesn't go by my place. So, I had to ask one of the managers for a ride to work. She obliged, but I had to be ready to go about 6AM when I'm scheduled for 8AM. It was either that, or walk in the near dark.

I've really remained quiet about where specifically I work. Let me just say that this job does not challenge me and does not make use of my full potential.

Let it also suffice to say that we were very busy during the earlier part of the morning, but by the time I left at 4PM, we were DEAD...

Having no ride home (no one else got off at 4), I decided to walk. (I had also not eaten since I'd left home. I was, however, very well hydrated.) I pulled it off in 50 minutes. I also kept myself sane by listening to music on my little mp3 player. (Seriously... I need a better player... But until I can afford one, I'll just make do...)

I got home, IMed some friends, then Audrey and Shaun came over, and I went with them to the big, evil, and really huge new Wal-Mart, where they did more Christmas shopping. (I haven't even started...) They did buy me a Mt. Dew, though... Those two seriously rock!

And, well, yeah, that was pretty much it. Thanksgiving '08... Good day, TERRIBLE holiday.

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